KVK Gbl helps Kohistani tribal youth earn livelihood

SRINAGAR: KVK-Ganderbal assisted a Gutlibagh youth Noordin Pathan to set up a backyard poultry, introducing him to improved strains of poultry birds, with his venture now pulling other villagers to taking up similar projects.
Pathan a Kohistani tribal youth and the lone graduate of Nai-Bastibela Wusan village located on the foot of Gutlibagh had approached KVK-Ganderbal in March last year for technical support to establishing a dairy or poultry farm at his home to earn some respectable livelihood.
A survey of the area by KVL revealed that method of raising livestock was very primitive with villagers being mostly illiterate and collection of wood from the adjacent forest their primary source of livelihood. It was found that they were mostly marginal farmers with average land holding of not more than one kanal of land.
However, the villagers were not ready to adopt the newer technologies and advices about profitable livestock farming. Noordin Pathan was therefore encouraged and trained to rear improved strains of backyard poultry birds and was offered 28 day old 100 birds, 50 each of Vanraja and Kuroiler chicken under on-farm-trail (OFT) programme of the Kendra in the month of June last year.
In comparison to traditional birds his breeds are showing better returns and he has adopted the farming of improved bird strains as a family business and is planning to expand this business on a large scale.
The success of Noordin Pathan has motivated other villagers also who now are approaching KVK for the supply of such kind of improved strains of chicks for farming. A large number of unemployed youth of the village are enrolled in the KVK for trainings and supply of such improved strains of backyard chicks. The KVK-Ganderbal in collaboration with Centre for Research on Poultry, SKUAST-K have arranged several programmes on backyard poultry and bird show competition in the village in the last two months that evoked high level of interest among the locals.

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