DAK cautions about health risks of snow shoveling

Srinagar: As people are clearing their sidewalks and driveways in view of the heavy snowfall in the valley, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Saturday cautioned about health risks posed by snow shoveling.
President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said shoveling snow could pose significant and serious health risks, particularly to heart.
Lifting heavy snow is incredibly taxing on heart and can trigger a fatal heart attack, he said.
“Shoveling can cause sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and cold air can cause constriction of blood vessels and decrease blood supply to the heart, Dr Nisar said adding “all these can work in concert and increase the burden on the heart and lead to a heart attack.”
As per the statement people at greatest risk are those who are habitually sedentary with known or suspected heart disease, who go out once a year to clear the snow.
“I advise heart patients not to shovel snow at all,” Dr Nisar said.