We must learn from our failures

By Sairah Leharwal


Failure essentially imposes three choices on us: either let it destroy us, define us or strengthen us. The question is what is the “right” choice for us? I would opine that we should never waste time in pondering about our failures because failure is a step adjacent to success. If you fail, you should not feel down but rather take it as an honor because in the final analysis mistakes merely prove that we are trying. People who never fail should not be looked upon as figures or icons of success and intelligence but as prosaic and ordinary folk. They have actually never dared to try anything unfamiliar.
This takes me to the issue of the past. The past should not be seen as a prologue. Holding the past as our present is erroneous which ultimately destroys our future. However, a word of caution is due here: We should not let failure become a habit. While, it is very much true that success means moving from one failure to other without losing enthusiasm, but if we always fail when will we succeed?
We must learn from mistakes and these should be a premise for failure as well as success. Having said this, failures should not frighten and discourage us but strengthen us .We should appreciate and even dare to make mistakes, not deliberately though, if we really want to succeed .It requires courage and caliber to come out of a failure. This takes me to the concluding remark in the nature of a polite suggestion: do not let failure go waste but rather learn from it. This is what really matters. Everything else is a deviation.

—Sairah Leharwal is a 9th standard student at Mallinson Girls School.