Shah to launch Kashmir campaign in Delhi

Shah to launch Kashmir campaign in Delhi

Dares India to hold elections under international supervision ‘as referendum’ on K-dispute
Srinagar: Democratic Freedom Party, a constituent of Hurriyat Conference (G), will launch an awareness campaign across India to inform its people about the “disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir”, veteran resistance leader Shabir Shah told a press conference on Wednesday.
“We have decided to launch an awareness campaign regarding our just stand and political thought across India. We will get in contact with Indian intellectuals and try to garner their support as we hope there are thousands of justice-loving people in that country who will raise their voices in our favour,” Shah said.
“Sooner or later India will have to shun its ego to resolve the dispute that has long been its biggest impediment in way of achieving overall progress,” he said.
Part of the proposed awareness campaign, Shah said, would be organising a press conference in New Delhi, where he would stress upon India and Pakistan to resolve their differences arising out of unresolved Kashmir dispute.
He said that such a move would be in “the better interest of both nations.”
“During the presser, I will pose some questions to Indian prime minister and see how he will convince me on his rhetorical stand on Kashmir dispute. It has been our age-old stand that unresolved Kashmir poses a big threat to the South Asia and is hindering peace in the region,” Shah said.
Shah also “dared” Modi to lift curbs on their movement and “see whose side the people of Jammu and Kashmir are.”
“Let India choose its candidate in the elections, we will choose any lesser-known person but under the auspices of any international impartial body. People’s verdict would be acceptable to all. That will be the final verdict of this dispute,” Shah said.
Shah however quickly added, “I also want to make it clear that whenever we talk of referendum in the state, we mean the entire population of Jammu Kashmir. People from all faiths and regions are entitled to this right of self-determination.”
Urging human rights organisations to take note of firing along the Line of Control, Shah said they are concerned about the loss of human lives, mostly innocent civilians and school going children, due to unabated firing at the Line of Control (LoC).
“We recently saw how firing by Indian forces martyred several children in Azad Kashmir. A school van was targeted. This is extremely unfortunate and human rights bodies should take serious cognizance of these incidents,” Shah said.

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  1. G. Din   January 6, 2017 at 1:26 am

    Nowhere in the world has the sovereign of a territory been decided by dares. Territories can change hands only between sovereigns. Before you desire to be a sovereign of what you think is your territory, you have either to snatch it from the current sovereign or invite another sovereign to snatch it and then gift or sell that sovereignty to you. In your case, either snatch it yourself or ask Pakistan or another sovereign to snatch it for you and then sell or gift it to you. The rest is hogwash.


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