SMC seeks public support for better performance in ‘cleanliness survey’

SMC seeks public support for better performance in ‘cleanliness survey’

SRINAGAR: Ahead of the proposed Swachh Survekshan–2017, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Tuesday sought people’s help for a better rank on the Ministry of Urban Development’s annual index of clean cities.
Chief Sanitation Officer, SMC, Manzoor Ahmad Tarray said the Swachh Survekshan will be held from January 11-13 by Quality Council of India (QCI) team during their visit to Srinagar.
Turray said that as the ministry’s Swachh Survekshan—a yearly sanitation survey that ranks cities on the cleanliness index—is about to begin, the municipality badly needs public support for a better rank in the said survey.
Last year, Srinagar was ranked 48th—one among the dirtiest cities in India. “About 30 per cent of the overall weightage in the survey is given to people’s feedback,” Turray said in a press conference here.
The survey uses household toilets, public washrooms, and the municipal solid waste management as parameters to decide how clean or dirty a city may be.
Turray said the Quality Council of India (QCI) team, arriving next week, has already been provided a list of public toilets and their location in Srinagar. “They would visit the city for on-spot inspection of the facilities,” he said. “They would also check the household washrooms. The people of Srinagar should help us because their feedback matters.”
Ruing the shortage of public toilets in the city, he said that against the required more than 200 public toilets, the city only has “paltry 68 of them available, as of now”.
He said the municipality was unable to acquire land for constructing public toilets. He said that they were even approaching the mosque managements for convincing people to allow construction of toilets on surplus land.
The municipality, he said, was also facing difficulties in disposing off the solid waste due to inadequate manpower and poor equipment.
“Out of the daily of over 5 metric tonnes of garbage, we manage to dispose off only around 4 metric tonnes of it,” he said.
The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had in January last year pulled up the state government for the municipal waste left unattended around Srinagar.

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    Reading this makes my denosiics easier than taking candy from a baby.


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