Speaker Gupta says he belongs to RSS

Jammu: The speaker of J&K Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta Tuesday admitted that he belongs to RSS.
However, the speaker clarified that he as a speaker belongs to all.
Reacting to allegations that he was acting like an RSS man, Gupta said in the House, “there is no doubt that I belong to RSS, but as a speaker of the house I belong to everyone.”
Meanwhile amidst ruckus in the legislative assembly, the opposition members strongly condemned the civilian killings at the hands of government forces during uprising from July last year.
The said members demanded Rs 50 lakh per family whose kith and kin got killed during the uprising.

One Response to "Speaker Gupta says he belongs to RSS"

  1. G. Din   January 4, 2017 at 1:34 am

    “The said members demanded Rs 50 lakh per family whose kith and kin got killed during the uprising.”
    Look at the two intifadas. In Israel (or Palestine, if you will), the shuhada tie a bandana to their foreheads in preparation for the intifada against Israel on a particular day, knowing assuredly that there is no coming back, set forth to stab an Israeli or martyr himself on a city bus. Israelis, having dispatched him to wherever shuhadas go, now go and demolish the house he came from without any delay (regulations, mydear!). The family, with whatever they can salvage, from the rubble is on the street as the next kid (out of nine or ten in the family) checks to make sure that he still has a bandana for his martyrdom day.
    In India (or Kashmir, if you will) the shuhada – wannabes set forth to pelt stones on a hard-pressed army, go to have fun for the day and may or may not get killed. You can see the glint in his eyes when he returns – still alive. “Life without any responsibility, is so-o-o “good””. If he is killed, his kin demand a “compensation” for his killing from the very same government who dispatched their ‘laal’ to”shuhada-land”. The family is set for life besides the profuse accolades from the neighbours. Smart, isn’t it? To compensate for what, one might ask? The kid had written himself off as being nothing more than a bum, for crying out loud. Incidentally, does this kid belong to the same society which sent 95% of its kids to appear in their exams last year?
    Therein lies the difference(s) for you to figure out.
    And then, there is that other intifada in Xinjiang. Imagine what happens there!!!
    Intifadas galore!