Marwah-Warwan residents await basic amenities

Without roads, communication and healthcare, they rue why they vote
ANANTNAG: For politicians of both regional and national parties development of Marwah and Warwan valleys remains the only slogan during electioneering. And the people of the area every time vote in huge numbers hoping that their participation may put an end to their miseries.
However, in reality the vote of the people of the forlorn valley has not changed anything for them as they remain without the basic facilities of life.
With no road connectivity, no communication, poor healthcare and no electricity, the people of the area say that they have been left at the mercy of Allah by the successive regimes. The sub-district Marwah has three tehsils including Marwah, Warwan and Dachan comprising of a population of around fifty thousand souls. However all the three Tehsils remain disconnected from the district headquarter Kishtwar. Residents say that in the absence of road connectivity they have to walk all the way to reach the district headquarters. “If we have to go to DC office for some work it takes us two to three days to reach Kishtwar by foot. It is not a small hamlet without the road connectivity but sub-district having the population of more than fifty thousands,” a group of students from Marwah who are studying in Anantnag told Kashmir Reader.
Though a road from Matigawran to Marwa was constructed through mountainous terrain under PMGSY few years ago to connect the area with Anantnag but the residents say the same gets blocked during the winters for several months.
“The connectivity with Anantnag district has brought some respite to the people of the area but there is no connectivity with the district headquarter,” a student from Marwah, Raof-ul-Islam who has completed his PG and resides in Anantnag told Kashmir Reader.
The area also remains devoid of any communication facilities. Though the state-run BSNL erected a mobile phone tower in the area but due to the non-availability of electricity, the tower remains defunct most of the time. “The tower which has a very low range is being run on fuel only for two to three hours a day. Besides few satellite STDs are the source of communication,” Ahmed said.
The lack of proper healthcare, according to these residents, is adding to the miseries of the patients.
“Though health centers are there in all the three blocks but they don’t serve any purpose,” they said.
The area, these residents say is yet to see the electricity.
“Nobody in the area knows what the electricity is all about. We have been provided solar lights by the government but no measures are being taken to provide electricity to the area,” said another resident Mushtaq Ahmed adding ‘We are virtually living in a stone age,”.
He said that during election campaign the politicians promise them everything but after the elections they vanish in thin air. “In every election we are being promised road connectivity, electricity, communication and other basic amenities. Every one votes here with the hope that his vote will help him come out of dark age but there seems to be no end to this darkness,” Ahmed told Kashmir Reader.