Fai’s advice to India: free Kashmir to fight secession in northeast!

Fai’s advice to India: free Kashmir to fight secession in northeast!

Srinagar: Secretary General of the World Kashmir Awareness Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, known for advocating the Kashmiri freedom cause in US and internationally, has said that if India grants right to self determination  to Kashmiris, it can utilise its military in fighting secession in northeast and elsewhere.
Kashmiri resistance leadership has traditionally been supportive of secessionist movements in Punjab and a few regions in northeast.
“Kashmir self-determination would eliminate the chief cause of India’s national security vulnerability. War with Pakistan would become fanciful and its military and paramilitary forces in Kashmir could be redeployed to the northeast or elsewhere to confront local secession,” Fai said in a statement issued to press.
Known for his pro-Pakistan tilt, Fai asserted that independent Kashmir would not create a “cascading dismembering” of India as its legal history was unique.
Fai stated that self-determination in East Timor, Eritrea, and Czechoslovakia did not occasion a spiraling disintegration of Indonesia, Ethiopia, or the Czech and Slovak republics.
“Some experts’ say India will never budge from its intransigence over Kashmir, until it perceives that its national and economic security would be strengthened, not weakened, by acceding to self-determination. That task of persuasion is no fool’s errand,” Fai said
He said that an independent Kashmir would not create “military or terrorist vulnerabilities for India,” adding, Kashmir’s constitution might contain a no-war clause as in Article 9 of the Japanese constitution.
“It might prohibit a Kashmiri army, as in Costa Rica.  It could prohibit any foreign military bases or alliances, i.e., insist on permanent neutrality, as in the 1955 Austrian State Treaty,” Fai said.
“It could require Kashmir’s adherence to all international counter-terrorism conventions, including a corresponding extradition treaty with both India and Pakistan. These safeguards would make India more, not less secure from Kashmir dangers,” he claimed. Read full article

3 Responses to "Fai’s advice to India: free Kashmir to fight secession in northeast!"

  1. Shivom gujjar   November 30, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    Fai you should see the dream of secession from India and ultimate accession to Pakistan……..Are you really for Kashmir cause?
    Kashmir is very better placed with India. Indians do not compromise integrity for so called internal security threats.enough institutions in India to address Kashmiri grievances in your words human rights violations .you are saying Kashmir is to leave better for worst.
    No legal basis for secession because legality is for citizens not for terrorists like you.wait and watch how well we move over it

  2. CHANKI   January 1, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Pakistan has lots of problems that needs to be solved urgently,they should not spent valuable time on a futile agenda like Kashmir.

  3. SKChadha   January 1, 2017 at 9:23 am

    Sir, please don’t give any weightage to the utterances of this well-known Paki pitthu who was arrested and convicted in US by FBI for allegedly being on the payroll of Pakistan’s ISI. His conviction was for funneling millions of dollars over two decades on behalf of Pakistan. He was charged for illegally lobbying US lawmakers to influence the American policy on Kashmir. This 62-year-old Fai, a US citizen, was arrested by the federal agency in 2011 from his home in Fairfax, Virginia, on charges of being an ISI agent who lobbied for the Pakistani spy agency and army on the issue of Kashmir. The agency filed a 43-page affidavit in a US court in Alexandria in connection with the indictment of Fai and another US citizen Zaheer Ahmad, 63, as agents of Pakistan. Fai, is popular as “doctor sahib” among the Pakistani-American community in US. There is no taker of his rants in US or any where in world except Pakistan. KR needs to realize these facts …. 🙂