New surveillance cameras come up

New surveillance cameras come up

Several CCTV cameras destroyed by protesters during uprising


SRINAGAR: A Nagpur-based company is reinstalling surveillance cameras across the Kashmir Valley, starting with 46 locations in Srinagar. The Jammu and Kashmir Police are having the re-installation done after the previous firm that put in place 112 such cameras failed to execute the project to the satisfaction of the police department.
This has been revealed in an RTI reply provided by the police on the surveillance cameras deployed by the JK Police.
The reply said that the previous supplier, Chandigarh-based Tulip Telecom, which was given a supply order to install 112 cameras at various sites across the Kashmir valley, failed to execute the project to the satisfaction of the department and its contract was cancelled in the year 2015.
The old surveillance cameras had been put up at important locations, including at police stations.
The reply did not mention how many of the existing cameras were functional and how many of them had been damaged by protesters.
A former worker with the previous service provider said that apart from being targeted by protesters, the surveillance system also failed on account of power outages and ineffective power backups.
“The maximum damage, even before the ongoing unrest, was in Pulwama district where very few of them were functional,” the worker said, adding that all the cameras had been linked with police headquarters in each district.
“The cameras mostly became defunct because they relied on power supplies from local power feeders. They could not operate when supplies went off. Many cameras were taken away by people and many were damaged by protesters,” the worker said.
The few cameras that remain functional are close to police stations and at some vital locations in the city.
The installation of new cameras will be done by Nagpur-based company Neco Defense System. The company will begin its work by installing 46 surveillance cameras in Srinagar city.
The RTI reply mentioned that this project is under process and will tentatively be completed by the end of this year.
It further mentioned that a detailed proposal for installing surveillance system in the whole sate has been provided by Police Headquarters to the government.
On the question of an assured power backup using solar-operated batteries or by other means, the reply said that this would be taken up once the budget is made and the DPR finalised after consulting all stakeholders.

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