War hysteria in India satisfied with ‘surgical strikes’: Geelani

War hysteria in India satisfied with ‘surgical strikes’: Geelani

Srinagar: Hurriyat (M) chairman Syed Ali Geelani has said that escalating war hysteria in India has forced the Indian political and armed elite to stage-manage “Surgical Strikes” to teach Pakistan a “lesson”.
“By doing so, a lid has been put on the roaring voices of revenge and sarcastic reverberation of inaction. Now the whole nation has turned to jubilation from the common man to the intellectual class, especially the brokered media houses and their fascist and fanatic anchors,” Geelani said in a statement on Saturday.
Geelani said that the Indian media and army claims that they have not targeted Pakistan army installations or personnel but rather have struck at the camp of “terrorists”, is nothing new: the Indian army has been doing so for the past 27 years.
He said that India and Pakistan cannot go to war as they know well what the collision of nuclear heads means. “Creating war-like situation, refusal to take part in the SAARC summit, threatening a water blockade, “isolating” Pakistan at global level, are cunning mechanisms to hoodwink the world community and to divert their attention from the root cause of all these evils,” Geelani said.
Geelani said that war has not yet started but its ramification and repercussions are already being borne by the poor and innocent population on both sides of the fence, by mass migration. “God forbids, if good sense fails to prevail and root causes of this catastrophe in being is left unattended then millions of people, their life and livelihood, habit and habitat are sure to vanish in a blink of an eye and there has to be a long wait for centuries to see a glimpse of life in this region,” he said.
Geelani said that the only factor to ignite this human disaster is none other than the unresolved and unsettled issue of Kashmir. He said the forces responsible for this unbearable loss to humanity are Indian stubbornness and unrealistic attitude.

2 Responses to "War hysteria in India satisfied with ‘surgical strikes’: Geelani"

  1. Jim   October 4, 2016 at 12:19 am

    New Deli lies are noted by the International Press. Pakistan is far more creditable. India press does not understand that a single lie uncovered damages trust in India press for a very long time.

    New Deli also does not understand that shut down of a newspaper that prints the truth will backfire. Credibility of India government is very low.

    The fake surgical strikes raises international pressure to learn the truth. That truth is that there is no justice in Kashmir. Without justice, there can be no peace. Without peace there can be no economic development.

    If India continues to refuse to let international press report uncensored from Kashmir, then the UN and/or some western nations will send fact-finding missions. Eventually the illusion that Kashmir is and internal-India issue or is a India-Pakistan issue will fade. Kashmir is an issue that affects the entire world. The economic interest of the world demands that the people of Kashmir be free.

  2. DrTahir   October 3, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    indian stage-managed “Surgical Strikes” to teach Pakistan a “lesson” just to befool naive indians . the word india has become a joke now.
    Surgical strikes—my foot