Army, like Hanuman, has realised its prowess: Parrikar

DEHRADUN: In his first remarks on the “surgical strike” by the Indian Army across the Line of Control (LoC), India’s defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday compared Pakistan’s condition to an “anesthetised patient” after a surgery and said that like Hanuman had realised his powers only after crossing the ocean, the Indian Army had realised its prowess only after crossing the LoC.
“Pakistan’s condition after the surgical strikes is like that of an anesthetised patient after a surgery who doesn’t know that the surgery has already been performed on him. Even two days after the surgical strikes, Pakistan has no idea what has happened,” Parrikar said.
“Indian troops were like Hanuman who did not quite know their prowess before the surgical strikes,” Parrikar said. “The surgical strikes gave our forces an idea of what they were capable of doing. Pakistan is bewildered following the strikes, not quite knowing how to react.”
“Indian troops caught Pakistan unawares as our commandos did what they had to without Pakistani authorities getting a wind of it,” he said addressing a gathering at Peethsain in Pauri district.