What students feel about examinations?

What students feel about examinations?

Srinagar: As far as preparation for the class 10 and 12 examinations is concerned, a sizable number of students who have taken private tuitions are, more or less, ready. But are they ready mentally? Kashmir Reader spoke to a few students.

Junaid Niyaz, a student of class 10 at Tyndale Biscoe School. He lives in Ompora, Budgam
When the strike prolonged and tuition classes impossible, I realised it was the time for self study. My father, a doctor, helped in Biology. I struggled with other subjects.  But when the dates for exams were announced I felt disturbed because I am yet to cover the entire syllabus. So I joined a tuition centre. Father accompanies me to the centre. We are stopped at many places by police. They check curfew pass, I-card and depending on their mood they let you go or stop you. Pressure of examinations and the daily inconvenience I have go through to reach the tuition centre is too much.

Junaid-ul-Islam, class 10, a resident of Gulab Bagh
I joined a tuition centre after the dates for exams were announced.  The tuition centre is in Khanyar (a 14-km ride). I have been caught thrice in a clash between protesters and government forces at Nigeen, Hazratbal and Rainawari. It is stressful.

Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Khwaja Bazar
I am lucky because the coaching centre is close my home. But it is difficult to concentrate on studies. I have never been able to concentrate. Clashes are a routine here. The priority of my family is to lock the gate of our house whenever clashes erupt. We are used to breathing in teargas. Yesterday my mother accompanied me to the tuition centre and as we were walking a CRPF man aimed his pellet gun at us. We both ran away. I dread about going to the centre but you are left with no option but to take a risk.

Safi Madni, a student of Burn Hall School
I have started taking private lessons after the exam dates were announced.  Yesterday a CRPF trooper at Nowpora chowk stopped me and checked my hands thoroughly (for any signs of dirt that means you could be a stone thrower). He told me ‘you are a stone thrower. Why do you want to study?” I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but I stopped because he could have beaten me up.

Nahyan, a student of Mallinson Girl’s School
Reaching the tuition centre is a nightmarish experience. The troopers stop us and ask questions like ‘which tuition centre, which teacher? After a trooper questions you another trooper deliberately repeats same questions. Some ogle at you. Sometimes I think I should stop going to the centre but then the very thought of examinations changes my mind

Ridha, a student of Tiny Hearts School
The most important thing for an examination is comprehension. We have been so disturbed that by killings and maiming of children that it is not possible to concentrate. And the same government talks of securing our future. By announcing the exam dates they only want to keep students away from protests.

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