Kashmir Inc says government ‘celebrating’ arrest spree

Srinagar: Accusing the government of waging a wicked war against the majority community of the state, Kashmir Economic Alliance chairman Muhammad Yasin Khan said  Muslims of Kashmir and Chenab Valleys were being arrested as a part of a deep rooted conspiracy.

Khan, who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation, said the state government is literally “celebrating” arrest of Muslim youth as official bulletin throwing light on detentions has become a regular feature of media reports.

“Instead of feeling ashamed for having unleashed a reign of terror and subjecting the people of Kashmir to worst-ever humanitarian crises, the government shamelessly glorifies everyday how many youth have been arrested,” Khan said adding putting over 6000 innocent people behind the bars is nothing but revenge.

“While youth are being subjected to harassment, in the Chenab Valley Masjid Imams are also being targeted,” Khan said adding the “PDP led state government is executing Nagpur agenda”.

Terming the arrest of innocent youth as conspiracy of Hindutva agenda, Khan appealed the international community including Organization of Islamic Countries, the United Nations and the SAARC to take note of the large-scale rights abuse in Kashmir.

“The arrest spree is new form of ethnic cleansing and people are being pushed to the wall,” Khan said.

Khan accused the politicians from ruling PDP and BJP of having conspired the arrest of youth in league with state police. “At places these politicians are exploiting the sentiments parents through arrest of their children and subjecting them to literal begging to seek release of their wards whereas many are also taking money,” Khan said.

Khan also said policemen were behaving like PDP and BJP workers in many areas where youth are being arrested out of revenge politics.

Reminding Home Minister Rajnath Singh of his statement that youth should be holding laptops in their hands, Khan said it was the government which is furthering the anger of youth.

“If this government thinks that arrest of people will bring any peace than so called peace will be possible on Kashmir streets only when each and every Kashmir is jailed,” he said.

Seeking immediate release of the detained people, he sought intervention of the Indian civil society as well.

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