Another job aspirant fails exam in court room

SRINAGAR: Two years after an aspirant for ReT teachers’ post failed in a simple test that was held in a court room, the J&K high court on Monday repeated the exercise when it made a candidate for a job in government’s planning department to write a brief exam.
Like the ReT aspirant in May 2015, the candidate too failed in the test, leading to the directions by the high court to the state’s Chief Secretary to furnish details within two weeks about all the appointees in planning and statistical department who have earned their degrees from study centers during the past two decades.
The exam, to test abilities of the candidate, seeking appointment against the post of junior statistical assistant, was ordered by Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar after the candidate failed to speak in English before it.
The candidate, along with several other petitioners, had annexed marks cards of M A Economics along with their petition but the government contended that their degree certificates were issued by a university which is not recognized either with UGC or the state government. The certificate was issued by Manav Bharti University and the candidate is shown to have been passed the final year examination in June 2012.
The candidate was asked to write five lines about advanced macro economics, the subject he has qualified and secured 72 out of 100 marks as per the certificate.
He could not write the name of the subject properly, writing micro instead of macro economics.
Subsequently, the court asked Deputy Advocate General Hashim Hussain to set the question paper who asked the candidate to write difference between monetary economics and physical economics in five lines.
“Despite copying from the material which was with the petitioner (candidate), he has not been able to differentiate between the two,” Justice Attar observed in an order passed later.
At this stage, the candidate submitted that he should be permitted to withdraw the petition on his behalf but the court turned down his request.
The candidate also submitted that he has obtained the certificate through some study center and has paid huge amount for it.
“In order to find out as to how many such certificates in such subject have been issued by these study centers, tuck shops and how adverse their activities have affected the vital interests of the state, it is deemed appropriate at this stage to direct the chief secretary of the state to provide following information,” the court said and directed the state’s highest civil officer to provide details as to how many candidates in the planning and statistical department have been appointed in last 20 years who have degrees through study centres.
“The full particulars of such persons, their date of appointment and post, present posting shall be provided to court within two weeks,” the court said and posted the case for further consideration on October 19.

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