Rahul Gandhi says shoe hurled at him came from ‘BJP-RSS’

Rahul Gandhi says shoe hurled at him came from ‘BJP-RSS’
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Sitapur: A shoe was hurled at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi during his roadshow here on Monday.
Hariom Sharma, a resident of Shastri Nagar locality, flung his shoe from a distance at Rahul at Transport Crossing, from where the roadshow started. However, the shoe did not hit him. The youth was immediately detained by the police and taken to the city police station. The youth was heard saying “roadshow is useless”, according to an eyewitness.
“I was just traveling on a bus and a shoe was thrown at me. It didn’t hit me. I want to tell the BJP and RSS that you can throw as many shoes at me but I am not backing down. I am not scared of you. I will continue believing in love and harmony and you can stick with hate,” the Congress leader said while addressing a gathering later.
Rahul Gandhi was riding in an open vehicle through Sitapur town, about 85 km from Lucknow, when a shoe came flying at him. It hit the person behind him, which was former union minister Jitendra Prasad.
Hari Om Mishra, the shoe thrower, claims to be a journalist. “The Congress has left the country in the dumps in the past 60 years. I have been a journalist for two years and I know… What were they doing when they were in power?” he said while being led away in a police van.
Rahul Gandhi is on a month-long “kisan yatra” in Uttar Pradesh where elections will be held early next year.
He has completed over 2,200 km and has around two more weeks to go, his aides say.

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