Mowing horses exposes hatred of army for people of J&K, Muslims in particular: NC

Jammu: Opposition National Conference on Monday said that mowing of packhorses by army at Frisal Yaripora Kulgam “exposes their hatred for the people of the state in general and the majority community (Muslims) in particular.”
In a statement issued here, Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal, Additional General Secretary of the National Conference expressed anguish and dismay that the ten packhorses of the nomad Bakarwal party being mowed down by vehicle (s) of the forces on Sunday when they were on their return journey from their summer pastures in Kashmir to Rajouri as part of their annual migration.
“It is a common site this time of the year when large flocks of sheep, cattle and horses of these nomads are seen on roads which slows down vehicular traffic. It is height of arrogance and rage of the security forces that their vehicles deliberately mowed down about a dozen horses for no rhyme or reason exposing their hatred for the people of the state in general and the majority community in particular,” he said.
“The forces having failed to contain the situation miserably and losing the trust and confidence of the people completely have now gone berserk. Also having satiated themselves over the years with human blood and suffering, they are now giving vent to their anger and frustration on domestic animals of these nomads,” he said, adding that in such a situation no one was safe in J&K at the hands of forces “considering the fact that the state is packed beyond capacity with the forces and more being pushed in.”
Dr. Kamaal also urged New Delhi and the State government to take cognizance and ensure exemplary punishment to those responsible and compensate the loss of horses in full as this category of domestic animal is not only very important “beast of burden” for the community but is also an important bread earner for the family. “The government should pay in full the cost of new horses plus loss of any goods,” he said.

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