Gross contradiction in words and deeds of rulers: Geelani

Gross contradiction in words and deeds of rulers: Geelani
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SRINAGAR: Commenting on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Sunday in which he said that “18 armed jawans will not be forgotten and terrorism is a curse for humanity and we all need to join hands to combat it”, Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that he agrees with Mr Modi that terrorism is a curse and India should not forget the sacrifices of its soldiers, but “what concerns us is the dubious standards of these rulers who have gross and visible contradiction in their words and deeds, as when they use or sponsor the violence for their own interests, they call it strategy. But if the same goes against their views, they confront and label it as terrorism.”
Geelani advised Indian rulers to go through the pages of history. He said that in 1971 India by its armed forces devastated and split the newborn state of Pakistan, and was this not terrorism? In Sri Lanka a dreaded armed conflict and their people were operating from the Indian state, was this not terrorism? Even in India there are hundreds of incidents of terror, mostly involving minorities, especially Muslims. Demolition of centuries-old Babri Masjid, killing of thousands of unarmed Sikhs in retaliation of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the blasts in Samjhauta Express, in Malegaon, in Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid, are just a few of the prominent instances of state terrorism, Geelani said. He said that in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India has given a bad name of “cross border infiltration” to our legitimate and just struggle for our basic right to self determination, and has unleashed every weapon in its arsenal to crush it.
“We as a nation are subjected to the worst kind of state terrorism by India itself,” Geelani said. “In the mid 1990s the Indian government groomed a hatchery of army sponsored killers, who randomly, brutally killed hundreds of Islamic and freedom sympathisers. Their master killer boastfully accepted in Nov 1995 that he has killed about 500 innocent and unarmed people. Was this not state terrorism? After committing such heinous crimes against humanity he was accorded a warm welcome in the power corridors of Delhi. The traitor after assuming the chief minister ship in 1996, himself confessed that this chair was with the virtue and support of this renegade and he is proud of him. Isn’t this terrorism? Indian agencies legalize and justify the innocent killings in the attire of national security, but willingly and continuously shy away from the actual and genuine people’s resistance,” Geelani said.
Pro-freedom leaders further said that when India  can’t brush aside the death of its 18 armed jawans, how can it expect that Kashmiris as a nation will ever forget and ignore their 6 lakh sacrifices in the past 70 years, and of the 90 youth in the past two and half months. We shall fight and will fight till the end, the leaders said. “The only difference between the occupier and us is that we are weak, oppressed, humiliated, tortured, maimed with no resources and nobody to turn for help. Global community weighing their economic interests hardy give an ear to our calls or yells. India is a big country, with a large contingent of army with sophisticated and modern armory at their back, masked as largest democracy with economic tie-ups and links with rest of the world. Above all a good number of its local stooges, who have been nourished here for the last 7 decades with benefits and perks for selling their dignity and honour, they, in hard times for India, come forward to legalize their brutality and force themselves on us with support and backing of government and non-governmental armed personnel,” Geelani said.
He further said that when these hypocrites and multi-faced political gamblers are out of power, they beat their chest, cry loud and in thundering voices about the “bloodbath” of their population, of which they themselves are the main beneficiaries. Geelani said that despite the military might of India and the mischievous and shameful role of their yes-men here in Kashmir, we will continue to fight for our rights till the end. Insha Allah.

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