Day not far when tyranny will end: Malik

Day not far when tyranny will end: Malik
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Condemns arrest of JKLF leaders, says they have been lodged at SOG’s Air Cargo camp
Srinagar: The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Sunday issued a statement condemned the arrest of JKLF vice-chairman Bashir Ahmad Butt, JKLF senior vice president (zonal) Muhammad Yasin Butt and senior resistance member Muhammad Amin Magloo who have been arrested by SOG (police special operations group) and are languishing in task force custody at Air Cargo camp. This was stated by JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik who himself is incarcerated at Humahma JIC in his message sent out from incarceration on Sunday.
The JKLF chairman said that the SOG arrested senior JKLF leader and zonal vice president Muhammad Yasin Butt along with senior resistance member Muhammad Amin Magloo while police and SOG on Sunday morning cordoned the masjid at Methan Chanpora and arrested JKLF vice chairman Bashir Ahmad Butt who was offering morning prayers inside the masjid. Both Bashir Ahmad Butt and Muhammad Yasin Butt have been jailed at SOG camp air cargo while Muhammad Amin Magloo is languishing at police station Sadar.
The incarcerated JKLF chairman said that it is highly ironical that same people who are day in and day out propagating with pride that they disbanded the SOG and saved people of Jammu and Kashmir from their tyranny are now using the same infamous force against known political leaders, activists, youth and students and suppressing the democratic voices of the people. He said that advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt, Muhammad Yasin Butt and Muhammad Amin Magloo are all known as peaceful political figures and jail, incarcerations, and tortures are not new to them, but the irony is that a force like SOG is being employed to arrest them and its notorious camps are being used to cage them down. This is being done, he said, by the same rulers who talk about dignity, peace, Goli Nahin Boli, battle of ideas, disbanding SOG and so on.
The JKLF chairman said that 80 days of curfew and lock down, about 100 innocent killings, more than 15,000 injured persons, more than 600 blinded men ,women and children , 6,000 arrests among whom more than 500 have been booked under black law PSA, are enough evidence of Indian oppression in Jammu and Kashmir but what is more gruesome is that the sadistic mindset of  pro-India rulers of Jammu and Kashmir is not yet satisfied and they want more repression, more blood, more people to be jailed, more and more use of black laws to cage down political opponents.
Malik said that suppressing people’s voices with police and military might, intimidations, nocturnal raids, arrests, slapping PSA, vandalising private properties, putting a ban on mobile phone and internet may establish peace of graveyard in Kashmir but it can never eradicate the love, passion and desire for freedom from the hearts and minds of Kashmiris who are ready to sacrifice everything to attain this goal.
The JKLF chairman said that the reign of oppression has now reached Chinab and Pir Panjal regions where so –called rulers and their authorities at the behest of RSS and other chauvinist forces have started terrorising Muslims and those who have raised their voices against killings in Kashmir. While condemning the recent arrests in Kishtwar and other areas and imposition of curfew there, JKLF chairman said that the PDP-led coalition has surpassed every tyrant and oppressive regime in Jammu and Kashmir.
Yasin Malik said that Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges should read history carefully and understand that military might, oppression and suppression have never defeated people’s resolve and history bears witness to the fact that no nation desiring and striving for its freedom has ever been defeated by occupants and tyrants. He said that according to the law of retribution every tyrant and oppressor has to answer for his crimes against humanity and the time is not far when the reign of terror unleashed by India and its stooges against Kashmiris will end.

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