‘While my son was battling for life, I was offered a million rupees to speak against Hurriyat’

‘While my son was battling for life, I was offered a million rupees to speak against Hurriyat’
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Rasiq Ahmad
Rasiq Ahmad

Akhran Nawpora (Kulgam): A few days before Rasiq Ahmad was declared dead at the SKIMS, Soura, on 15 September, his father Mohammad Yusuf Bhat was called into the office of the Director SKIMS and told that chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s uncle Sartaj Madni and her cousin Sajjad Mufti wanted to meet him. The duo had come with an offer Bhat said he found “obscene”.
Rasiq, 22, was injured when government forces fired pellets at him during a protest on 5 September in Kulgam. He went into coma.
Bhat and his elder son Dildar Ahmad Bhat told Kashmir Reader that on September 8 a SKIMS staffer told them that the Director SKIMS wanted to meet them in his office.
“He said it was about Rasiq’s condition. When we entered the office we were surprised to see Sajjad Mufti and one more guy sitting there. For nearly half an hour Sajjad talked about Mufti Sayeed’s role and how he gave his life for welfare of people. I listened to him patiently,” said Bhat.
“I then told him politely if I can speak. I spoke for half an hour on Kashmir issue. They were least interested in what I said. Then Sajjad Mufti took out a packet from his pocket and said ‘Baji has sent you this gift of Rs 10 lakh,” he added.
Bhat said he flatly refused Sajjad’s offer to meet Mehbooba Mufti at her residence.
Sajjad came to the hospital on September 11 again, this time along with Sartaj Madni.
“They again offered money and wanted me to issue a misleading statement against Hurriyat leaders and declare that my son was not involved in stone pelting. I clearly told them my son was a jihadist and he wanted Kashmir liberated from India.
Let him die for this cause?” Bhat said.

Mohammad Yusuf Bhat shows a picture of his son Rasiq Ahmad
Mohammad Yusuf Bhat shows a picture of his son Rasiq Ahmad

“I told them I would give you 50 lakh rupees if you can make my son speak only once. They shamelessly tried to persuade me into trading my son’s sacred blood. I clearly told them that my son was leading the protests and sacrificed for his life for the noble cause,” Bhat told Kashmir Reader.
The duo, Bhat said, also offered a well-paid job for his elder son.
“Sartaj, who jails from our village, also wanted me to ensure the security of his house (in case of imminent outrage over Rasiq’s death,” Bhat said.
Sartaj is the general secretary of PDP and Sajjad the party’s coordinator for south Kashmir.
“It stunned me. I was grieving for my son and they were least bothered about it. Their homes were more important than the life of my son. It appeared their conscience is dead. They were using money and power to buy me,” Bhat said.
Bhat said once the family completes the 40th day of mourning, they will “again join the protests.”
The father says that Rasiq actually succumbed on September 10 and hospital authorities delayed the announcement of his death “under political pressure.”
“I saw no life in my son after 10 September. I requested doctors to hand over his body if he has died but they never heeded my request,” he said.
On 15 September, Rasiq’s body reached the village at 7pm.
Bhat said, “They fired teargas into the procession that erupted when the body reached here. We were not allowed to take the body home. Next day they fired teargas on the funeral procession and injured many people. Four others were detained.  They don’t want peace but the blood of our sons,” he said.
Director SKIMS, Soura Dr AG Ahangar denied he met the family or Madni at his office.
“I have no idea about it. It is the business of hospital administration,” he said.
Former Medical Superintendent Dr Farooq Jan, who was holding the charge that time, said Madni did not meet him but met Ahangar in his office.
Sajjad Mufti also denied visiting the hospital claiming, he “never” visited that hospital in his lifetime.
“I was in Jammu and came today only,” he said

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  1. ESS AHMAD   April 22, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    I was right side of Rasiq near about four or five feet away when he was fired directly by security forces from the Brazloo bridge. we were near about five persons under the bridge in open area. after the incident the froces were dancing.

  2. proxy list   September 18, 2017 at 4:17 am

    What’s up,I check your blogs named “‘While my son was battling for life, I was offered a million rupees to speak against Hurriyat’ – Kashmir Reader” like every week.Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about proxy list.

  3. Kashur   January 18, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    Painful story and really unfortunate that how the administration forced the hospital management to announce the death of Bhat late to avoid the public outrage.

  4. ishfaq Anwar   January 18, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    Hattsoff u

  5. Mehrkanda   September 26, 2016 at 1:37 am

    May Allah be with the brave people of kashmir.

  6. S.Sarhadi   September 25, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    This is an extra-ordinary story and I am surprised that the so-called mainstream Kashmir press has not picked it up. This story needs wide circulation. It proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the depths of depravity that the Mufti family has fallen to. It is the duty of every nationalist Kashmiri to make Kashmir a Mufti-mukt state in the next elections. Making Kashmir Mufti-mukt will also make it RSS-mukt. They are one and the same when it comes to lust for power that is fed on innocent blood!