Hurriyat (M) condemns killing, asks pro-India leaders to side with people

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (M) on Saturday strongly condemned the murder of Waseem Ahmed Lone of Baramulla.
“We deeply mourn the tremendous and irreparable loss of precious human lives that Kashmir has lost and offer our condolences to the families that have lost their dear ones and pray that Almighty Allah give them patience and fortitude to bear this pain. Kashmir stands with them; their sorrow is shared by all,” a spokesman of the conglomerate said in a statement issued here.
“At this juncture as the killings continue, we once again appeal to those who claim to be the elected representatives of the people: ‘overcome your moral turpitude and show decency. As the Indian state sends more and more forces in civilian areas to crush us, it is time for you to self reflect and audit yourselves’,” he said.
“Each person, each child who is killed and maimed in Kashmir is your collective responsibility. You have been governing the people, ruling over them, enjoying fruits of power. Take responsibility for your actions, which lead to blood-baths. Show compassion and give back something to your people. History will judge you again and again and will hold you guilty for facilitating unprecedented brutality on your own people.
“Use your influence with the Indian state and civil society and persuade them to immediately put an end to the brutality unleashed on us and seriously work towards a political solution. A solution that respects the will and aspirations of the people,” he said.
He asked the pro-India leaders to make it clear to the Indian state that the people of Kashmir cannot be “crushed by force” and “cannot be forced to surrender their struggle for justice and right to self determination”.
“If you fail to influence the Indian State then it becomes incumbent upon you to resign immediately and render the state institutions, which have been thrust on us-redundant,” he said.
“Tariq Karra has taken a lead in this and shown the way. Omar Abdullah has been showing concern and is giving statements about the imperatives of a political solution and the failure and loss of credibility of state institutions in this regard,” he added.
“If he is sincere in what he is saying and genuinely believed he represents people then he has a responsibility to make Indian government stop its obduracy and initiate a genuine political process.
“If his attempts prove futile, Abdullah should take a firm position and resign and in doing so open a new vista for those in power to follow,” he said.
As far as Hurriyat is concerned it is clear we have “no traction with any power”, he said.
“Hurriyat represent the will and aspirations of the oppressed people of Kashmir.  Our strength and resource lies in the faith and justness of our cause,” he said.

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