Rashid asks: if Pakistan is guilty, why India doesn’t allow UNMO to monitor LoC?

Rashid asks: if Pakistan is guilty, why India doesn’t allow UNMO to monitor LoC?

SRINAGAR: Legislator Langate Er Rasheed on Monday appealed India and Pakistan to shun animosity and blame game in the interest of people of the subcontinent.
“In absence of an organised mechanism, India often blames Pakistan for facilitating infiltration of militants in J&K and indulging in ceasefire violations,” Rasheed said in a statement issued here.
“Whatsoever the facts maybe, Indian biased media and Indian politicians very often try to score brawny points after every such incident, but it is the people of J&K who suffer because of that propaganda,” he said.
If GoI sincerely wanted to resolve all disputes with Pakistan and believes in maintaining the sanctity of LoC, it should give up the blame game and agree to internationally-recognised mechanism and procedure to monitor all such issues, he said.
“If GoI cries every time victim, why doesn’t it allow UN Military Observers and other neutral credible international organizations to be deployed along LoC to monitor whether Pakistan facilitates infiltration or who indulges in creating havoc at the borders?”
If allegations of Indian establishments and agencies were believed to be true, then it should be Pakistan which should object to deploying observers on both sides of LoC, he added.
“Unfortunately that is not the case, as India on one hand cries being victim of terrorism but on the other hand rejects deploying observers across LoC,” Er Rashid said, adding that one has no reason to condemn India for not allowing international human rights organisations to visit J&K.
“In return, Pakistani government has offered entry to all human rights and other organizations in Azaad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, thus it should be clear to all that who wants to hide the truth,” he said.
Rasheed said that unless India and its media doesn’t stop “misleading” masses on all issues pertaining to the country’s relation with Pakistan, things will not change on the ground.
“One has every reason to believe that India’s hue and cry is nothing but a desperate attempt to divert attention of world community from the indigenous political and armed struggle of Kashmir,” he said.

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  1. Asad.yezdani   September 22, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    A man by all means a freedom fighter but the fetters of livelihood have made him helpless . otherwise talks & acts reasonable, rational & logical.


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