Pak army chief Gen Raheel says ‘fully prepared to respond to threats’

Srinagar: Pakistan army chief Gen Raheel Sharif on Monday said they are “fully prepared to respond to entire spectrum of direct and indirect threats”.

Daily Dawn reported that Sharif while addressing an army’s corp commanders conference at general headquarters took note of “hostile narrative being propagated by India.

“Pakistan’s armed forces together with their resilient nation have surmounted every challenge and will thwart any sinister design against integrity and sovereignty of the country in future as well,” he said.

Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh wanted



One Response to "Pak army chief Gen Raheel says ‘fully prepared to respond to threats’"

  1. Gruham   September 19, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    Pakistan need not worry about India attacking them. We will never do it because we are more concerned about International opinion rather than the lives of our own citizens.

    Pakistani terrorists will continue to attack India….India will continue to warn Pakistan….Pakistan will continue to go to UN for everything….and the entire world will continue to ignore both India and Pakistan.

    If India needs to be taken seriously, we should act will punitive military action against the terrorists hideouts…wherever they are. Only then will the world notice India.


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