India is working on ‘genocide of Kashmiris’ says Jama’at


Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir strongly condemns the killing of Basit Mukhtar of Pulwama and Nasir Shafi of New-Theed Harwan who were killed mercilessly and brutally by government forces and termed these killings ‘genocide of Kashmiris’ under a well planned conspiracy.

In a statement issued by its press and publication bureau, Jama’at states that killing of teenagers like Nasir Shafi and Basit Mukhtar should sever an eye opener to world community who so far has failed to raise its voice against Indian brutalities upon helpless and hapless Kashmiris. India is hoodwinking world community by raising so-called terrorism and developmental issues to be addressed and disallowing the groups and commissions pertaining to human rights who sought Indian approval for visiting Kashmir wherein they can review grave human rights violations made by New-Delhi who are involved in gross violation of human rights.

‘Forces are hell bent upon to kill innocents with bullets, shells and pellets who committed no crime but only to protest against the highhandedness of occupational forces who killed and maimed 87 innocents so far since July 8, 2016’, Jama’at states.

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