Geelani mulls legal action against news channels over ‘vilification campaign’

Geelani mulls legal action against news channels over ‘vilification campaign’

Bar condemns police for preventing its prez from meeting Hurriyat leader, fresh killings
Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani may take legal course against news channels over ‘vilification campaign’, Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association said even as it condemned government from preventing its president advocate Mian Qayoom from meeting the octogenarian leader at his residence on Saturday.
“(JKHCBA) once again, strongly condemns the rude and naked act of police authorities, in not allowing Mian Abdul Qayoom to meet Syed Ali Shah Geelani, second time, at his residence today,” lawyers body said in a statement issued here.
“(Mian Qayoom) wanted to discuss some important legal issues with him including the one of initiating legal proceedings against some Indian News Channels, who at the behest of government of India, have started a camping of vilification against Syed Ali Shah Geelani and others by claiming government of India is spending a huge amount for providing security to them, though Mr. Geelani, on his part, has never asked for any security from the State or (New Delhi) as he feels secure in his own people,” it said. The State government has placed Geelani under house arrest from 2009 and has kept a police contingent outside his home as such he can’t meet the people outside, “which by no stretch of imagination can be described a “security cover” provided to him.
“He has always asked for the removal of the police contingent and has also approached the High Court of J&K in 2009 which has declared him a free man to go anywhere, he would like but the authorities have not honoured the order of the High Court, for which contempt proceedings have also been filed against them,” the lawyers’ body said.
It said that last time on August 31 when Qayoom alongwith advocate Mohammad Ashraf Bhat, wanted to meet the Hurriyat chairman, they were not allowed the entry.
“Later S.P. Budgam, Abdul Waheed, in the evening conveyed to Mohammad Ashraf Bhat that he is extremely sorry for the police action and that it is because of some misunderstanding that they were not allowed to meet Geelani and that they are free to meet him anytime they like. However, today when cops didn’t allow the president to meet Geelani, he called S.P. Budgam and enquired from him about the reasons for not allowing them to meet Geelani, the S.P. Waheed informed the president that he will talk to the higher authorities and would call him back. The president waited for about 15 min. and when he heard nothing from the S.P. he left the spot,” it said.
The method and manner, in which Qayoom was treated by the police officials and was not allowed to meet Geelani clearly shows that there is nothing in the hands of a head of the police in any district of Kashmir, it said.
“Everything is monitored by New Delhi and even for a small thing, like the present one, the S.P. had to seek permission from the higher authorities and more likely from the Home Minister of India,” it said.
“The other standard is for those who come from outside to meet Geelani without they having been called by him and even though Geelani is not willing to them, he is asked to open the gate of his house for them and on his not agreeing to do so, he is accused of having not adhered to the principles of Insaaniyat, Jamooriyat and Kashmiriyat, as if the ruthless forces are observing those principles of Insaaniyat and Jamooriyat, while killing, blinding and maiming thousands of unarmed civilians who want that the promises made to them be fulfilled and they be given a chance to decide about their future by exercising the right of self-determination, in a fair and impartial plebiscite to be conducted under the auspices of UN,” it said.

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  1. Shaill   September 12, 2016 at 7:19 am

    Oho mean Kashmir reader, greater kashmir, kashmir rising likhe woh Sab sahi aur India media likhe Woh biased news… What a same.
    Agar us K Liye if you claim legal action against media then plz thx right of democratic India Woh provide you freedom of expression or speech.
    I think Kuch month K Liye sare velly k peoples AJK k guest ban Jao pata chal jayega k Aapk bhai ka hidden face kya hai


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