​Poem calling for slaughter of Kashmiris praised on official handle of Indian ministry

​Poem calling for slaughter of Kashmiris praised on official handle of Indian ministry

digital-india-kashmirSrinagar: The official handle of Digital India, a flagship government initiative for a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, on Thursday tweeted a poem promoting the killing of Kashmiris by the Army, Indian Express reported.
The tweet, which was soon deleted, included the screenshot of a poem posted on Facebook that it labelled “Heights of #Patriotism..!!!”
Managed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Digital India has more than 5.34 lakh followers on Twitter.
The poem, written in Hindi to the lyrics of a popular Bollywood song, asked the Army not to stop firing on people till they come to the city square and sing the national anthem. The poem and the translation are below:
Darwaazey pe kundi maaro Koyee Naa bach ke jaaney paaye army ko samjha do firing ghalti se Bhi rukh Na paaye
Lock the doors, nobody should come out alive, army should be made to understand, that don’t stop firing even out of mistake
Daba daba Jo feel Karey woh jaake bomb goli gatak le …Aur jis ko nahi rehna yaha woh Pakistan jaake bhains charaye..
Keep pumping the ammo, so that they can digest bombs and bullets, and those who don’t want to stay, can go to Pakistan to feed cows
bas aaj ki baat hai kal se to nayee shuruwaat hai. jee bhar ke thok lo bhaaiyo naa ghar waaley inke baap hai.
It’s just today, tomorrow is a new beginning, shoot them wholeheartedly, you’re the father (of Kashmiris)
yaha par apna raaj hai dar ne ki kya baat hai ye to bas shuruwaat yeh to bas shuruwaat hai….
It is our reign here, so don’t fear… this is just the beginning, just the beginning
arey abhi to goli shuru huwee hai… arey abhi to goli shuru huwee hai… baad mein naa kehna kuch bhi pehle hi de do warning vande maataram kehna hoga every in the morning.
The bullets have just started… the bullets have just started… don’t say this later, to give us warning, you will have to say vande mataram every morning
suuchna janhith mein jaari jis ko apni jaan pyaari chup chaap vo chauk pe aaye . chauk pe aake jan gan man gaaye nakhre vakhre yaha naa dikhaye
The announcement has been made in public interest, those who love their lives, should come to the square and sing the Jana Gana Mana (Indian anthem), don’t throw your tantrums here
When Indian Express contacted Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said he “immediately sought a report” when the tweet was brought to his notice. The person who tweeted the poem has been suspended, he said.
Calling the act “mischievous”, Prasad said, “The contents of the tweet don’t represent the views of the IT ministry, Digital India or the government of India. I regret the tweet.”
S Radha Chauhan, CEO of National e-Governance Division, which leads the Digital India project, said the management of the official Twitter handle has been outsourced to an organisation called Trivone. The person responsible had mistakenly tweeted from the official handle what he wanted to tweet from his personal account, Chauhan told The Indian Express. The person has apologised for it in writing, he said.

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  1. Saim   September 10, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Bharat mata ki chut…
    Bhains to india ki hum churayangae
    Gay hind

    • shaill   September 12, 2016 at 6:20 am

      Bhosidi k Kashmiri Hamari di hui bhikh pe jite hoo aur Jis thali main Khate hoo usi main Ched karte hoo. Aisa atitude raha Toh kashmir ko Pakistan to kya khuda bhi nahi bachane aayega.
      Khuda bhi India k sath Hai


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