They are killing us because we are Muslims: Geelani

They are killing us because we are Muslims: Geelani
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Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said on Tuesday that the government forces were killing people only because “we are Muslims”.
“Our protests are fired at, our congregation (venues) ransacked, tents burned, sound systems snatched. Everywhere there are protests, even violent, but nowhere in the world nor in India itself they are showered bullets but we being Muslims fighting for own rights here, every tool of state terrorism, bullets, pellets, arrests, killings, rapes and harassments all are legalised and justified in grab of national security,” the ailing resistance leader said.
Geelani, paying homage to martyrs Musaib Majeed of Sunwani, Handwara, and Naseer Ahmad of Seer Hamdan, Anantnag, said Indian forces’ “lust for blood of innocent Kashmiries seems to have no end.”
He was addressing a women’s sit-in protest  at Rahimu, Pulwama, and in Seer Hamdan, Islamabad, on phone.
“They try test their muscles and arsenal on the peaceful protestors who are only demanding their basic and fundamental right to self-determination promised by their own leaders,” he said.
“Is this your insaniyat to use deadly weaponry against peaceful people? Seeing killing of innnocent people on a daily basis moves all but the local collaborators and the partners of this genocide claiming to be the champions of the ‘humanity, democracy & kashmiriyat’ have turned deaf and dumb,” he added.
He said government forces have unleashed a “fresh reign of terror” throughout the state, especially the Pir Panchal and Chinab Valley regions.
“Occupation forces are entering the localities in the night, ransacking the houses, beating the inmates, terrorising and harassing the families especially women and kids and if the population protests against these brutalities and inhuman actions the armed forces start firing and shelling, killing and injuring them,” he said.
“By the grace of Almighty Allah and our steadfastness the blood of our martyrs will never go waste and we will get rid of this military aggression,” he said, adding “women have an important role to play in this movement. They should strictly adopt the moral and ethical values and avoid mixing with men in the processions.”

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  1. Shaill   September 7, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    In india there are 220millions Muslim sirf Aap jaise Kuch ko 6od k I don’t think Sab ko lagta Hai…. K sirf Muslim hone Se use taklif di jati hoo


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