Karra raises questions over all party delegation’s visit

Srinagar: Senior PDP leader and MP Tariq Hamid Karra on Tuesday said that the all party delegation was nothing more than a usual ritual and that no groundwork was done before their visit to the Valley.
In a statement issued to KNS, Karra said government of India is waking up and sending such delegations only when Kashmir is on boil.

“They have never bothered to interact at this level with the stakeholders when seemingly it is calm in Kashmir, though deceptive. This non-serious and casual approach has shaken the trust and faith in the outcome of such delegations,” Karra said.

“In other words government of India is always in the habit of chasing the events and not anticipating them. All these delegations have proved to be an event but not a process. Had it not been so the government of India would have implemented recommendations of earlier three APD’s, five working group reports, Rangarajan Committee report on infrastructural deficit in J&K, interlocutors report after 2010 unrest and would not have ignored recommendations of 5th, 6th and 7th Finance Commissions Reports viz a viz J&K. This further cemented trust deficit on such delegations,” he added.

He said the the phraseology used by three successive Prime Ministers for resolving the Kashmir issue like, Narsimha Rao’s Sky is the limit, Rajiv Gandhis Anything short of Azaadi and Atal B Vajpayees Within the ambit of Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat and Kashmiriyat, demonstrates its “adhocist” approach towards this political issue.

‘It is in no way a real estate or a boundary issue. Had these phrases used by these Prime Ministers been institutionalized, they could have become the benchmarks for movement forward as a National Policy for resolving this volcanic issue,” he said adding, “has the delegation mandate to offer more than what three successive Prime Minister’s had offered”


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