Online petition for referendum in Kashmir

Online petition for referendum in Kashmir
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Online petition for referendum in KashmirSRINAGAR: A British citizen, Rita Pal, has started a petition on – a popular online petition website – to seek referendum for the freedom of Kashmir. The petition had garnered 4,946 signatures by Sunday afternoon.
In her petition, Pal details the circumstances leading to the division of Kashmir between India and Pakistan and subsequent conflicts and human rights violations in the region.
“The Kashmir people deserve a referendum. The people of Kashmir have made it obvious that they want freedom. There have been daily protests resulting in the loss of many lives. In order to stop the bloodshed, a robust political solution is required. They should have the right to vote on their own independence and freedom,” Pal has written in her petition.
The petition is addressed to the United Nations and urges it to investigate human rights violations in Kashmir.
The petition will be also delivered to the Indian Parliament via a public application procedure.
The petition can be signed on

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