Articulate solution to Kashmir problem; Mir to all party delegation

Srinagar: Democratic Party (Nationalist) Chief and former Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir on Friday said the all party delegation which is visiting Kashmir need to articulate the solution to Kashmir problem and present it to the government.
“The political relationship between Kashmir and rest of the country was drafted in 1947 within the principle of sovereignty within sovereign.  However, over the years the balance of power tilted and hence the crisis,” he said in a statement to media here.
“Now the Parliamentary delegation comes and they know the history. They know what is on ground and it is upto them how they reach out to the people. Whether the separatists meet them or not, the problem is known to one and all. They need to articulate the solution of the problem and present it to the government,” Mir said.
The DP (N) chief said that the government’s reaction to the solution shouldn’t be like interlocutors report and round table conference but should be positive as per the wishes of all three regions of the state.

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