Kashmir uprising: Dukhtaran says India trying to ‘terrorise’ Pakistan

SRINAGAR: Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Wednesday said that New Delhi’s efforts to influence the US were “ploys to terrorise Pakistan” into ending its support to Kashmir.
She, in a statement issued here, said that the signing of pacts between India and the US and subsequent rants against Pakistan indicates that India was trying to use international pressure to “terrorise” Pakistan and “force it to shun highlighting the brutalities faced by the people of JK at the hands of occupying forces”.
“For the past two days, we have been witnessing that Indian authorities are trying hard to influence the visiting secretary of state, John Kerry, so that the world powers can force Pakistan to stop supporting the oppressed Kashmiris. This is the reason India is signing deal after deal with the US and together they want to terrorise Pakistan,” she said.
Andrabi, however, said that Pakistan shouldn’t budge under any pressure, as it was supporting “a just cause by siding with an oppressed nation”.
“Not Pakistan, but India is the biggest terror Industry in South Asia. Every now and then India carries out terror attacks inside Pakistan just because Pak supports us. Pakistan has suffered immensely during the past seven decades only for the reason that it supports an oppressed Kashmiri nation,” she said.
India, she said, was actually “frustrated” by “the resolve of people” and was resorting to “every means” to break it.
Pakistanis must know that the people of Kashmir stand with them and were grateful for everything the country has done for Kashmir, she said.
Dukhtaran chief also said that any proposal other than accepting Kashmir as a disputed territory was unacceptable to the people of Kashmir.
“Suggestions like restoring 1952-like situation or acting on Pervez Musharraf’s four point formula are useless and futile. Kashmiris will continue this ongoing resistance movement until India accepts JK as a disputed territory and agrees to give the people here their right to self-determination,” she said.

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