Kashmir: Pakistan says it will not accept any pre-condition for talks

Islamabad: Pakistan has once again urged the United Nations to send a fact finding mission to the Kashmir to investigate the ‘human rights violations’ there.
At his weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson of Pakistan Nafees Zakariya said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has written another letter to the UN Secretary General apprising him of the ‘deteriorating situation and human rights violations of the hapless Kashmiri people’.
The Prime Minister welcomed the UN Secretary General’s call for making efforts to avoid further violence and thanked him for recognizing Pakistan’s commitment to the peaceful resolution of ‘Kashmir dispute’.
Nafees Zakariya said that Pakistan wants peaceful resolution of the lingering ‘Kashmir dispute’ through the dialogue process, for which the country is always ready. He, however, said any preconditions to the talks will not be accepted.

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