No fun meeting Delhi unless it reaffirms plebiscite promise: Bar

Srinagar: Kashmir High Court Bar Association said that there was no fun meeting any delegation from New Delhi unless the country reaffirms its promise of holding plebiscite under the auspices of United Nations.
“Government of India should fulfill its pledge and promise of holding a plebiscite in the State of J&K, under the auspices of UN at the earliest as it is the only way of resolving the Kashmir dispute and that any other exercise including sending an All-Party Delegation to Kashmir will yield no result,” general secretary of the Bar said in a statement.
The lawyers’ said that it also wants to make it clear to the people of the World that the Indian Home Minister’s second visit to Kashmir has also been a failure, as no one, from those who are relevant has agreed to meet him.
“Even the Traders, Hoteliers, House Boat owners, Industrial Unit Holders and Civil Society members etc. have categorically stated that unless the Govtof India accepts that Kashmir is a dispute and its resolution lies in the implementation of the UN Resolutions, by giving people an opportunity to exercise their right of self-determination, there is no fun in meeting the Indian Home Minister or any other delegation,” the general secretary said. the lawyers’ body said that all the “repressive and ruthless measures to crush the ongoing freedom struggle, has neither succeeded in the past nor will it succeed in future.”
“Instead of going by the false and mischievous assertions of their stooges in Kashmir who are describing the mass movement of the people as an agitation of 5% of them, show respect for the will and wishes of the people and hold the plebiscite K as promised by its leaders, both inside and outside parliament,” the general secretary added.

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