Kashmir uprising: How Kashmiris help a nonlocal labourer to treat his ailing wife

Kashmir uprising: How Kashmiris help a nonlocal labourer to treat his ailing wife
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By Ubeer Naqushbandi
SRINAGAR: Islam-u-din, a 35-year-old labourer, from Uttar Pradesh is attending to his wife, Mohsina, in ward 103 of Srinagar’s Lal Ded Hospital.
Mohsina, mother of the infant resting next to her on a bed, has fallopian tube cancer.
“He is hungry. I will feed him first,” she replied, when asked by this reporter to talk about her health.
Mohsina was admitted to the hospital about 20 days ago, while Kashmir was in the middle of ongoing anti-India uprising triggered by the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani on July 8.
Mohsina, Islam-u-Din said, had complained of severe pain in her abdomen during the night. He said there was no transport available to take her to a hospital from their rented accommodation at Khrew.
“I sought help from the locals, and they arranged an ambulance for us to go to the Lal Ded Hospital in Srinagar,” frail-looking labourer, wearing plastic slippers, told Kashmir Reader.
Islam-u-Din said he has been coming to Kashmir for a decade now to earn his livelihood by working as a daily-wage labourer mostly at the construction sites. However, the strict restrictions impose by the state to counter the uprising deprived him of work opportunities, he said.
“I didn’t have money to take care of my family. But after we arrived here (at the hospital), two ambulance drivers helped me with some money. Since then, the relief camp set up at the hospital has been fulfilling our food and other needs,” he said.
“I was helped in every possible way by the Kashmiri people,” he said. “Besides food, I was provided cash by the local people to manage my family’s expenses in this tough time.”
While Islam-u-Din was speaking to this reporter on Friday, the volunteers rushed to him with a packet of milk for his baby. He received the packet and expressed his gratitude to them.

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