CM’s 5% claim raises obvious questions

CM’s 5% claim raises obvious questions

SRINAGAR: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s statement that only five per cent people supported the ongoing uprising in Kashmir raised several questions on Tuesday.
The pro-freedom as well as the pro-India politicians ridiculed the chief minister for the statement.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani
Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Why are so many forces required?
Hurriyat Conference (G) asked Mehbooba to explain why the state’s “7, 00,000 forces and 1, 00,000 policemen” failed to control the uprising if only five per cent people were a part of it.
“Why your 7 lakh forces and one lakh policemen along with their arterially has failed to contain them, and you call in more and more enforcement from Delhi,” the conglomerate said in a statement issued here.
“You (Mehbooba Mufti) have called in army for controlling even the streets and to disband the public meetings and processions. Your forces don’t allow people to move around during the relaxation time,” it said.
Hurriyat (G) said Mehbooba has “surpassed all the previous records”.
“The whole Valley has been put under siege of tight curfew for more than 46 days. Offices are closed, roads and markets are deserted and your armed forces crush the movement with a heavy hand,” it said.
The chief minister, as per the conglomerate, has “deployed trustworthy killers and district executives to pressurise the people” while “millions of people” were on the streets in the Valley, which has come to a “standstill”.
“Only an insane can call it a handiwork of a few miscreants,” it said. “You along with your Delhi mentors are in a denial mode and as Delhi people have turned deaf and dumb to the ground realities, you too toe the same line.  Otherwise your own people, even army officers, appeal every section of people, including resistance forum, to come forward for peace.”
The conglomerate said Mehbooba and New Delhi’s “saffronised ministers parrot the percentage drama”.
“If your 5% equation is to be believed, then you better convey to your masters in Delhi that it is high time to have a referendum, as 95% are with India. But you yourself know that it is a bluff and big joke,” Hurriyat (G) said, addressing the chief minister.


Yasin Malik urges
Muhammad Yasin Malik

Why not hold a referendum?
Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik, said that more than 95 per cent Kashmiris wanted “freedom from Indian occupation”.
In a statement issued here, he said, “It is true that less than 5 per cent collaborators have been, for their lust of power, acting against the collective voice of Kashmiris and legitimising illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir and also shielding the crimes committed by Indian forces in Jammu Kashmir,” he said.
He said that “detaining leadership of employees and sending then to Baramullah jail actually glaring example of mental bankruptcy of rulers.”
Malik said Mehbooba has started “exposing her real face” to the world in order to please her “masters in Delhi and Nagpur”.
“A person who used to protest with the photographs of those killed by Indian forces in 2010 and used to demand punishment for their killers is today saying that only 5% in Kashmir are with resistance and 95% are with India,” he said.
“If Mehbooba Jee is so sure about this percentage why don’t she asks her masters in Delhi to hold a referendum here as soon as possible and settle this issue for ever according to their wishes,” he added.
He said it was equally true that a “small bunch of power-hungry people, including Mehbooba Mufti, also have been acting against the “collective will” of Kashmiris.
They, he said, have been “deployed for safeguarding the interests of India”.
The JKLF chief said that the “rulers” have imposed curfew and stopped supply of milk and medicines to the people.


Why can’t 5% people be controlled?

Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi
Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi

Rubbishing the claims made by Mehbooba, said that the chief minister was spreading “blatant lies to appease her masters in New Delhi”.
“Even the insane persons can’t believe that only five per cent people are associated with resistance movement in Kashmir. World knows what has been happening in Kashmir for the past 47 days. Going by the statistics, the reality is a complete reverse of what Mehbooba has said i.e. 95 percent are with the resistance movement and rest are with India in Kashmir,” she said in a statement issued here.
Andrabi said if Mehbooba’s mathematics be true, she must be able to tell the world how powerful the five percent population of Kashmir was.
“India has deployed seven lakh of its forces on the streets of Kashmir for the past 47 days and is sending in additional 26 battalions that are unleashing brutalities in all forms. Yet, these five percent can’t be controlled,” she added.
The deployment of “so many forces” only proved that 95 per cent are with the ‘movement’ while a mere 5 per cent have “sided with India”, she said.
“These five percent include stooges like Mehbooba and other pro-India politicians,” she said. “Indian home minister, Rajnath Sigh, is coming on a second visit to Kashmir only to frame strategies about how to save these five percent Indian stooges.”
Andrabi said the state government was resorting to “every cheap tactic” in Kashmir.
“Reportedly, poor auto rickshaw drivers and Tata Sumo drivers, who are under debt of various banks, have been called and the government is trying to bribe them and corrupt them, so that they go against the strike calls. Those who refuse this offer are being threatened.”

MLA Langate Engineer Rashid
MLA Langate Engineer Rashid

Why curfew entire Kashmir then?
Independent MLA representing Langate, Kupwara, Abdul Rasheed, ridiculed the chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti, for saying that only five per cent people in Kashmir are responsible for the ongoing uprising.
“In love of Sangh Parivar Mehbooba Ji has forgotten that her appeasement speech in Jammu has hurt every Kashmiri even her own those who have voted her to power,” the legislator said in a statement issued here.
“If only five per cent people are with the ongoing uprising, may CM and her other cabinet colleagues explain why they need to impose curfew in entire Kashmir and get more troops to suppress the voice of masses?” Rasheed asked.
He said the chief minister has hurt the sentiments of even those who voted for her by agreeing to her “then-arguments that in order to stop BJP, people must vote PDP”.
“It is now ironical that she has spoken at Jammu against the sentiment of her own voters by claiming that Kashmiris in masses are not with the sentiment, but has also alleged that they want to spread communal tension in Jammu province. It is highly condemnable,” he said.
Rasheed accused both National Conference and PDP of using their “skills and efforts” to “dilute the real issue”.
“Had Omar Abdullah taken a tough stand while meeting PM Modi and others, Modi would never have dared to offer talks within ambits of constitution of India,” he said. “Similarly, if Mehbooba Ji, rather than shamefully accusing and abusing Kashmiris, would have asked New Delhi to initiate dialogue in light of historic perspective and UN resolutions, it would have been a realistic and genuine approach.”

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