Bar condemns Pulwama teen’s killing, questions Mehbooba’s claim

Srinagar: Kashmir High Court Bar Association on Wednesday condemned in strongest possible terms the killing of teenager Amir Gul of Pulwama and also thrashing of people at Shopian, Bandipora, Pulwama, Noorbagh and many parts of the valley by the “ruthless forces”.
The lawyers body also requested the Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organisation including the International Red Cross to send its teams to Kashmir to know the ground situation.
The Bar also condemns the beating of a Kashmiri trucker in Jammu whose truck it said was set up ablaze in Bathindi area of Jammu.
“The Bar Association also condemns the attitude of the police who instead of coming to the rescue of the injured asked for bribe,” a spokesman of the lawyers body said in a statement issued here.
In an Executive Committee meeting held here today to discuss the need of following the pro-freedom leadership programme in its letters and spirit, it was stated that while as Mehbooba Mufti misleads the people by saying that it is only 5% of the population of Kashmir which is holding 95% of them in hostage, the deployment of more than 13 companies of BSF personnel in downtown/uptown Srinagar which inhabits substantial chunk of Kashmir population has not only exposed her, but also those who had gone to Delhi to persuade the President and Prime Minister of India to enter into dialogue with all stake holders for solving the Kashmir problem.
“It has also brought with them further misery for the people in the form of deployment of BSF whose record of ruthless suppression of people at Papa I and Papa II and killing of innocents civilians in custody and otherwise, is still fresh in the minds of the people,” it said.
The Bar Association wants to tell the people of the world who have respect for human rights that the struggle of the people of Kashmir for achieving their right of self-determination, guaranteed to them by 27 Security Council Resolutions, is indigenous and neither is it sponsored by any group or country nor are any pecuniary considerations involved in it, the association said.
The government of India and its “stooges” are falsely stating that only a fraction of the people was involved in the struggle, the spokesman said. “Assuming it to be so that one would be right in asking them a question as to why Kashmir is closed for the last 45 days, why curfew and other restrictions have been imposed on the movement of the people? Why nothing is working in Kashmir today? Why all the wings which constitute “State” are nonfunctional? Why more than three hundred thousand government employees are not attending their duties? Why advocates and pleaders are not attending the courts? Why are schools closed? And why are not the children going even to private schools? Why are not the teachers attending the schools and teaching the children? Why both public and private transport is off the roads? Why commercial establishments big or small, hotels, guest houses, restaurants etc. are nonfunctional? Why no shop is opening in Kashmir? Why has everything come to a standstill? Why in every street, you find protestors and demonstrators, raising slogans for freedom? Why armed personnel are spread in all directions at all places, ready to shoot, seeking to enforce curfew imposed by civil administration? Why are ambulances only on general roads with screaming silence? Why are only few private cars rushing in different directions? Why have more than 70 innocents been killed so far? Why more than 700 innocents, mostly young, have been blinded? Why around 8000 innocents have been injured in ruthless suppression by use of bullets and pellets? Why the third generation of Kashmir born in grief and brought up in hate is throwing stones at armed personnel without care of retaliation? Why young people in the age group of 12-17 are injured, killed, maimed, jailed, tortured and why all this has been going on for last several decades? “
These events manifestly show that there is public anger against the government of India and its “stooges” in Kashmir because India has not kept its promise and has not implemented the UN Security Resolutions till date, the spokesman said.
“Instead it has all along followed the policy of repression in which lakhs of Kashmiris have already laid down their lives. The Indian government which has already seven lakh army personnel in Kashmir is adding to the strength day by day and now in addition to Army, CRPF and local police they have deployed BSF in Kashmir.”

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