Kashmiri Hajj pilgrims face ‘hardships’ in Madina

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Srinagar: People from Kashmir on Tuesday accused the state government of putting  Hajj pilgrims in Madina, Saudi Arabia in hardships. .

The relatives of these pilgrims said government has not handed over even the belongings of pilgrims to them. They said that they have been spending nights under open sky for lack of accommodation and food facilities for them.

A number of relatives of pilgrims from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district told CNS that they have been facing a lot of hardship while the Hajj Committee has been doing nothing to redress their problems.

A delegation from Munghama village of Pulwama district said that pilgrims left for Madina on 18 August and till date the government has not handed over their belongings to them. “These pilgrims including Ghulam Ahmed Dar (Cover number JKR-15481/2/0) have neither clothes nor money and ration with them as a result they have been suffering. It is the responsibility of the state government to look into the matter,” they said.

“We tried to apprise the concerned officials about the problems but they are acting as mute spectators,” the relatives said.

When contacted the Ministry for Hajj and Auqaf said that the Minister has also gone for pilgrimage and they have not received any such complaints from any Kashmiri pilgrim,” the Ministry said. However, it added that they will send a communiqué to the authorities and hopefully their problems will be addressed.”

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  1. Shah   August 24, 2016 at 12:17 am

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