Salahuddin to pro-India politicians: Resign or ‘nation’ won’t spare you

Srinagar: Hizb-ul-Mujahideen supreme commander and United Jehad Council (UJC) chief Syed Salahudin on Monday asked the pro-India politician to resign and join pro-freedom rank else the “nation won’t spare them later”.

“There is still time for the pro-India politicians to give up pro-India politics and join pro-freedom ranks otherwise nation won’t spare them later,” Salahudin said.

In a statement issued to news agency KNS, he said pro-India politicians should be join pro-freedom ranks instead of being the advocates of the central leadership in Delhi.

Addressing a meeting of the UJC, Salahudin said that if the international community and Pakistan does not take concrete steps to address situation in Kashmir, a huge human catastrophe might break out.

“India is trying to curb the freedom sentiment in Kashmir by using disproportionate pellets, bullets, teargas and other such weaponry only to break the will of the people by subjecting them to economic starvation and non-availability of basic amenities of life”.

“Let Pakistan try to attract world attention through diplomatic exercises and extend concrete help to Kashmir fully,” he added.


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