Ishber residents urge govt to stop illegal constructions in greenbelt

Srinagar: Residents of Ishber Nishat has urged authorities to stop illegal constructions which they said is going on in the greenbelt area unabated.
They alleged that LAWDA authorities were acting as a mute spectator to these constructions.
“An influential hotelier has almost completed construction of the second storey of his house and LAWDA authorities are doing nothing to stop it,” the locals said.
They also urged vigilance commissioners, appointed by the high court, to take note of the illegal constructions and apprise the highest court of the state about the voilations. “The hon’ble high court is the last hope left to see that these illegal constructions are stopped and purpose for which the ban on constructions in and around Dal Lake realized,” they said and urged concerned authorities to take tough action against the violators.

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