Geelani seeks clarification from Kashmir newspapers

Geelani seeks clarification from Kashmir newspapers

Srinagar: Chairman of Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday asked Kashmir-based newspapers to explain why they had not published the pro-freedom leadership’s ‘poster’ issued on Saturday. Only Kashmir Reader and Tameel Irshad newspapers had “dared” to publish the poster, Geelani said in a fresh statement sent to the press on Sunday
“We had issued a poster appeal requesting MLAs, MLCs and other pro-Indian politicians to introspect and stop acting as a local mask to the Indian brutalities. Everyone agreed to publish it as a poster advertisement but none of them except Kashmir Reader and Tameel Irshad dared to publish it,” Geelani said, adding, ““We reserve the right to ask our newspaper owners to come clear in this regard.”
In his statement Geelani said, “These were only words with no bombs, bullets, pullets, not even stones. I fail to understand why they were scared of it.”
Geelani said that newspapers publish advertisement like this from government and business fraternity but “Which hidden hands prevented them (newspapers) to do so?”
He said that the journalist fraternity has been going through tough times but under their professional obligations they can’t isolate themselves by not reporting the bloody scenario.
“Our mass movement, especially the present one, when the whole nation is determined to carry it forward to its logical end, demands a strong commitment from all of us. We need to come out of the cocoons we have woven around us,” he said.
He said, “Professional assignments aside, we have some more obligations as part of an oppressed nation, which is struggling for its basic rights. Everybody needs to own this movement and share their bit of responsibility honestly.”
“We can’t put this task to some leaders or some activists as the gloom and miseries of oppression and occupation have to be shared by all of us collectively directly or indirectly,” Geelani said.

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  1. Mohammed Ilyas Bhat   August 22, 2016 at 9:29 am

    With every statement from ruling party persons it becomes more and more clear that we are oppressed.For them Jammu is their base camp where they plan and then execute that in Kashmir…..PM of India is a yes man when it comes to atrocities on Muslims.


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