UN chief must take practical steps: Shah

UN chief must take practical steps: Shah

SRINAGAR: Chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Shabir Ahmad Shah, on Saturday urged the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, to initiate “practical steps” to prevent the loss of human lives in Kashmir.


Shah was reacting over the UN chief’s statement about Kashmir issue. Ban Ki-moon has decried the deaths in Kashmir and also offered UN office to facilitate dialogue between India and Pakistan to achieve a negotiated settlement on all outstanding issues, including Kashmir.
In a statement issued to press, Shah said UN chief’s statement in response to Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s letter was “encouraging” and a “welcome step”, but the world body was “only making assurances and not taking any practical steps in this regard”.
“Such lip-service emboldens India to continue its oppression in Jammu Kashmir where people are massacred,” he said. “UN is duty-bound to play role vis-a-vis Kashmir issue and despite 18 resolutions standing passed in the security council of the world body, India has reneged from its promises and has turned this heaven on earth a hell.”
Shah expressed hope that Nawaz Sharif would vehemently highlight “Indian barbarism in Kashmir” in his upcoming speech in the UN in September and would call for right to self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Condemning the “unleashing on reign of terror” upon the people, Shah said, “I’m proud of the spirit and steadfastness of the youth of my nation. we will continue with the same spirit, we will achieve our goal of freedom very soon. The development and ban on use of pellet guns is not our target but to achieve complete independence from India’s forcible rule is our goal.”
Reiterating his appeal to people to follow the protest programmes issue by the pro-freedom leadership, Shah said the world was keenly observing Kashmir situation and the people should continue to be peaceful.

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