Need concrete steps: Yasin Malik

Need concrete steps: Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, on Saturday said that United Nations’ secretary general Ban ki-Moon statement on Kashmir is “good” but the international community needs to take “some concrete steps to save Kashmiris from Indian wrath”.


Incarcerated Malik said Kashmir has been turned into a “big jail” for the last 45 days with strict curfew in place and essential services and basic necessities of life being denied to residents.
“No one among international community is raising his or her voice against this tyranny. Kashmiris, being a part of human community and our nation being a disputed territory according to UN charter and resolutions, expect that UN,OIC,UNHRC and other institutions and governments will raise their voices against atrocities committed on Kashmiris,” he said in a statement issued here.
He said that condemnations were not enough.
“If international community is pained at what is happening in Kashmir, they should do some practical work and take some concrete steps and use their good offices to save Kashmiris from the wrath of tyrants,” he said.

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