Mirwaiz on Tral attack: How barbaric can state be?

Mirwaiz on Tral attack: How barbaric can state be?

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, on Saturday expressed shock over the incident of firing at an 80-year-old man Abdul Qayoom and his elderly wife in Tral, Pulwama, by the government forces.
“How barbaric can the state get?” he said in a statement issued here.

Photo: Muzamil Mattoo
Photo: Muzamil Mattoo

He also expressed concern over the blocking of essential supplies to Srinagar and imposition of round-the-clock curfew “as revenge against people by the antihuman regime”.
Mirwaiz condemned it, saying, “If the regime thinks it will weaken the people’s resolve and we will be brought down on our knees and will give up, they are living in a fool’s paradise.”
“In fact, the more they repress us, the more we will resist,” he said.
He said “in this crisis situation created by the vengeful state”, every individual would have to redouble his efforts and help and support each other in every possible way.
“Adversity is a great teacher in a nation’s moral and character building,” he said, referring to 2014 floods.
“The way the people, especially the youth, rescued people, whom the then-government had left to its own mercy, and the way they helped in rehabilitation and offering support to the affected was a big lesson that we learnt in self-reliance, resilience and fortitude. It is today helping us to stand up against such might and tyranny,” he said. “Our youth is our strength.”
He said Dar Ul Khair Mirwaiz Manzil has set up a helpline to help those in need.
“They should call us for help after getting in touch with the local Masjid committee,” he said.
Mirwaiz once again appealed to the pro-India parties in Kashmir “to rise above petty opportunism” and for once be pro-Kashmir and stand with the people when “the nation is being subject to collective torture of such enormous proportions and a humanitarian crisis has been created”.

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  1. Ahmer   August 21, 2016 at 6:15 am

    Everybody respects the Mirwaiz and no one doubts his sincerity but that respect will increase manifold if he got at least one member of his family come to Kashmir and share what the people are going through.


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