Islamic University faculty condemns Kashmir killings

Srinagar: Islamic University Faculty Association (IUFA) on Saturday condemned the killing, maiming and blinding of Kashmiris.
The Faculty strongly also expressed serious concern against ceasing the basic rights of people including communication blockade.
“IUFA stresses complete ban on the use of bullets, pellet guns and pepper grenades on protesters,” it said. The faculty also asked for stopping unwarranted harassment of people and ransacking of properties and sought attention from international human rights organizations in order to ensure no further violation of human rights.
IUFA strongly condemns the barbaric killing of their teaching fraternity fellow Shabir Ahmed Mungoo, Lecturer (English), Amar Singh College resident of Sharshali Khrew. IUFA also condemns the dastardly & contemptible attack on Ghulam Muhammad Sofi, Ambulance Driver at Safa Kadal. The continuing use of extreme force in the form of bullets & pellets has caused irreparable physical & mental agony to lakhs of Kashmiris.
IUFA emphasizes that Kashmir is not a law & order problem but a political issue demanding an immediate focus on resolution instead of management.The IUFA stresses that the solution to the present impasse is to recognise the reality, make sincere efforts and use time-bound measures to address the aspirations of the people. These will be in the larger interest to the people of the subcontinent. IUFA appeals the United Nations and other World Countries to impress upon all stakeholders to resolve the Kashmir issue permanently through dialogue for lasting peace.

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