CCIJ defers Jammu bandh

Jammu: After finding itself isolated after calling a daylong Jammu Bandh on Saturday, the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Jammu (CCIJ) has decided to defer the bandh indefinitely.
The CCIJ had called for a daylong Jammu Bandh to support for “restoration of peace in Kashmir valley and communal harmony in the state”, however, the call did not get support from other quarters.
Several political, religious and business associations had decided against extending their support to the Bandh call given by the CCIJ.
“The CCIJ has received communications from few but prominent members of influence from the Kashmir Civil Society to give at least a week s time to convince the stakeholders in Kashmir for intra region dialogue. “In view of this assurance the Chamber feels that reasonable time be given to the nationalists forces in Kashmir who are trying to urge and impress upon the masses there for an early intra region dialogue,” CCIJ President Rakesh Gupta said in a statement issued this evening.
He said that the call for Jammu bandh is “hereby deferred till further information”.
The BJP had said that it was against the Jammu bandh as it would not be in the “interests of the nationalistic forces.”
“Holding bandh in Jammu would mean that we extend our support to Kashmir unrest. It is not in the interest of the nationalistic forces,” BJP state President Sat Sharma had told reporters.

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