Khrew, Aripanthan killings bleed hearts, deepen wounds: Mirwaiz

SRINAGAR: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday condemned the disallowing of congregational prayers at Jamia Masjid Srinagar for the sixth consecutive week.
Citing the Aripanthan killings, the Mirwaiz said GOI has decided to “continue and harden its fascist approach to deal with the people of Kashmir and their resentment.”
“Equally gruesome and heart rendering is the ruthless thrashing of hundreds of people by forces in Khrew where a young professor was inhumanly beaten to death or the shooting in the arm of an ambulance driver taking patients to hospital,” Mirwaiz said in a statement issued here.
Mirwaiz said witnessing such painful incidents each day deepens people’s wounds and bleeds hearts, but it also strengthens the resolve “to fight injustice and stand up for our basic right”.
He said the people have been going through “immensely difficult times” and only resistance and faith in it can carry people through.
“Hurriyat leadership is choked and not a single representative is allowed to move or to connect with the people, however much we want to be with our beloved people physically sharing our collective grief,” he said.
Addressing the people Mirwaiz said it’s a people’s movement and “we are with the people”.
“All Kashmiris wherever they are in whatever way possible have to contribute to the movement, through whatever resources they have be they writers, artists, students, activists lawyers, or from other professions in Kashmir or outside Kashmir. All have special responsibilities to take this movement forward,” he said.

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