Bhaderwah observes shutdown against Kashmir killings

Bhaderwah: A shutdown was observed by majority community in Bhaderwah over the civilian killings in Kashmir by the government forces on Friday.

The shutdown was observed on a call given by the Anjuman Islamia Bhaderwah to express their solidarity with the people of Kashmir. A thin attendance was recorded in schools and Bhaderwah college .

Speaking to media persons President Anjuman Islamia Bhaderwah Perviaz Hussain Sheikh lamented the government for killing of innocent civilians in Kashmir. He appealed not to use bullets on the people of Kashmir and restrain from killing the innocent protestors. “We have appealed for peaceful bandh today against the security forces and collation government for killing and torturing the innocent civilians in Kashmir during last couple of days,” said Anjuman Islamia Bhadarwah President Pervaiz Ahmed Sheikh.”We would have lodged a similar protest if any innocent non-Muslim would have been killed or tortured. The coalition government has put humanity to shame in Kashmir valley,” he added.

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