Kashmir curfew, blocking essential supplies is Yazidiyat: KEA

Srinagar:  Expressing serious concern over the extension of curfew in besieged Kashmir during day and night and blocking fuel supplies to the Valley,  Kashmir Economic Alliance Chairman Mohammed Yasin Khan on Thursday accused the government of resorting to worst ever oppression.

“As if continued cycle of killing of innocent civilians and wounding thousands of others was not enough the government has furthered the curfew and blocked fuel supplies to make people suffer more. This is neither Insaniyat nor Jamhuriyat but Yazidiyat, where the tyrant rulers are deriving sadistic pleasure out of their aggression on the unarmed civilians peacefully fighting for their rights,” Khan who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation said in a handout.

Taking a dig at the PDP-led government,  Khan said instead of feeling guilty for having broken all records of rights abuse in Kashmir, the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti at her August 15 speech “justified the killings and other oppressions only to please her masters in Nagpur”.

“Day and night curfew has pushed the people of Kashmir to starvation while the blockade of oil supplies will only worsen the situation. From milk to vegetables to medicines and oil, nothing is being allowed to be sold even in the hours when Hurriyat conference announces relaxation. By countering the Hurriyat calendar the government is only deepening the crises,” Khan said.

Khan said there was a shortage of baby food as well. “We are being pushed to starvation and death from all sides by this government. The police has been ransacking shops and hawkers who try to open their outlets during the relaxation by the pro-freedom leadership,” Khan added.

Referring to the latest killing of a youth in Pampore, Khan said the PDP-led government has opened account even on “extra judicial murders.” “After massacres as have been happening we have to face extra judicial murders,”he said while appealing the people of Kashmir particularly the trade fraternity to be united in this hour of crisis.

“Some forces were trying to create wedge. Let’s be united for our strength lies in unity,” he said.

The business amalgam also condemned the “continued bloodbath” and expressed serious concern over arrest spree. “Police stations are turning into extortion centers. It’s high time for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accept Kashmir as a dispute and take requisite measures to douse the blazes than drag Kashmir to further crises. New Delhi must understand that Kashmir is a resilient nation, the more you suppress, the more we rise,” he said.

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