Joint resistance issues fresh protest programme, appeals people to march towards Beerwah tomorrow

Srinagar: The joint resistance on Thursday issued a fresh protest programme and said they will jointly offer Friday prayers at Aripanthan in Beerwah Budgam and will pay homage to the four youth who were martyred  there. They  appealed  the people to reach the Aripanthan Beerwah before Friday prayers.


The new protest programme, is as under:

Date Activities
20th August


(relaxation from 6 pm to 6 am)

Azadi Road Shows

Join for Azadi Road Shows and march towards district headquarters;

March on two wheelers (Motorcycles & Bicycles) and  march by foot;

If and wherever stopped, assemble, occupy and protest that place till evening.

21st  August


(relaxation from 6 pm to 6 am)

Poster Letter to Pro Indian Legislators

A poster letter asking all MLAs , MLCs and Ministers from all pro Indian political parties to resign from government and party positions  be pasted on every wall, post and poll around their residence and in the locality;

Assemble and occupy local chowks and centers from 3pm to 5pm

22nd  August


(relaxation from 10 pm to 6 am)

Tehsil Headquarters March

March from every Mohalla, Village and Locality towards respective tehsil headquarters;

Offer Zuhur prayers at Tehsil headquarters and after nimaz hold “Referendum Congregations” for the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir ;

Block all roads towards and around civil secretariat Srinagar, DC & Tehsil offices and ensure that no employee should join the duty.

23rd  August


(relaxation from 6 pm to 6 am)

Women’s  Protest

Assemble and occupy local chowks and centers from Zuhr to Asr in the vicinity of your mohallas , villages and localities ;

Protest peacefully

24th August


(relaxation from 6 pm to 6 am)

Assessment Drive

Resistance/Masjid committees in all villages and localities visit each and every household and prepare a list of the needy;

Also visit the families of martyrs and injured , prepare a detailed list of the family and their needs;

Make arrangements for their support

25th August


(relaxation from 10 pm to 6 am)

Graffiti Day

Paint all roads, lanes, walls, post & polls, with resistance slogans;

Protest against the recent attack on Mosques by Indian forces including 27th anniversary of Jamia Masjid siege;

Protest from Asr to Magrib

Directions for all the days 1.      Protests be held across Jammu and Kashmir.

2.      Shutdown across J&K on all days except the relaxation mentioned in the program.

3.      Lockdown all the routes entering your mohallas, villages and localities by every means during night to protect people in general and youth in particular from the raids and arrests by Indian forces and J&K police.

4.      Play Islamic and Azadi Taranas in Masjids from Magrib to Isha.


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