`Forces Avenged Killing of Commandant Programme amended to protest Aripanthan killings: Geelani

`Forces Avenged Killing of Commandant Programme amended to protest Aripanthan killings: Geelani

SRINAGAR: “The amendment of the previous program and the UNO call and occupying the roads was given in response to the fresh spree of killings yesterday in Aripanthan Budgam,” said All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani before being arrested by police when he tried to march towards the UN office as per the program.

Geelani said “we had planned a peaceful march to UN office at Sonwar to register our protest as we are being butchered by Indian armed forces on daily basis just for demanding the implementation of the resolutions passed by UN itself and signed by both India and Pakistan.”

He further said “it is 40th day of curbs and curtailment, 72 people have been killed, more than 8000 people are injured, about 500 have lost their eye sight, 1500 people have been arrested and more than 100 slapped with PSA and some have already been shifted to the jails outside valley, media and telecommunication have been gagged, streets are deserted, hospitals are overcrowded and the bullets are still piercing the chests of our loved ones. Can anybody call this other than a war like situation?”

Geelani said that the current turbulence, siege and daily killings demand an immediate and urgent attention by the world community especially UN and this March was just a peaceful attempt to remind this organization that for how long will act as a mute spectator.

Geelani further said that stooges and collaborators of New Delhi only want to please their masters even if it is at the cost of death and destruction of their own people. He further said that “we are being killed, brutalized, molested/raped, blinded and fractured and we only are being told to maintain peace.”

“Those who commit these atrocities and yield the gun are being encouraged and garlanded as these puppets hold us hostage only with their help and support,” he said.

Commenting on Aripanthan killings, Geelani said that forces took revenge of their colleague killed in Nowhata, Srinagar and fabricated a story of attacking and snatching the rifles by the protestors.

Paying homage to these martyrs he said that “I am a firm and staunch believer of the fact that sacrifices of our people will bear fruit and we will get rid of the worst kind of oppression and repression by India (Insha Allah).”




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