‘They locked us from outside and fired teargas shell into the house’

‘They locked us from outside and fired teargas shell into the house’

SRINAGAR: Afroza, a resident of Newa, Pulwama, attends to her mother, 45-year-old Haseena, at Bone and Joint Hoispial. Haseena has been admitted to the hospital for a fractured leg and would be operated on in a few days.
Afroza said the forces entered homes in Newa, looking for boys who had been protesting after Friday prayers.
“They first broke window panes and then entered the homes and asked us to hand over the boys. We resisted and they beat us up all. Then they fired teargas shells inside our home. Our cries forced them to leave. But they locked our gate from the outside and fired more teargas canisters into our compound. One hit my mother in the leg,” she said.
“When we tried to take her to the hospital the forces assaulted us again, pelted stones at us and fired in air,” she added.
According to Afroza, many people were injured in the forces’ action.
“They were entering the houses one by one and assaulting the families. We don’t know how many were injured,” she says.
Saima, Afroza’s cousin, said she was beaten up with gun butts.
“They would have killed us if we didn’t raise the cry for help,” she says. “We have an elderly, ailing man in our family, and these cowards didn’t even spare him. We were all thrashed like animals, yet we managed to take Haseena to the hospital.”
“Our children were so scared that all of them started asking ‘will they kill us?’. We are living in a constant fear of being beaten up by police at night,” Saima adds.
Besides Haseena, Mohammad Yusuf Thoker, 40, a resident of Shopian, was also brought to the B&J Hospital on Friday.
Thoker has received a bullet in his leg. And he too, as per the doctors, will have to undergo a surgery.
Ahmad, an eyewitness, says that Thoker was shot at by the government forces when there were protests and stone pelting going on at Shirmal, Shopian, in the afternoon.
“His son, Javaid Ahmad, was part of the protest. He (Thoker) heard that his son was hit by pellets and he rushed to look for him. But he was targeted by the forces. They fired directly at him,” Ahmad said.
Thoker is still not aware of what has befallen his son.
Thoker is a farmer. Doctors will decide on his surgery after a fresh examination.
Late in the evening, the hospital received Adil, a resident of Bijbehara, Anantnag. He has received a bullet in his foot.
“There were protests and stone pelting going on in the area, and the government forces responded by firing bullets and pellets. Adil was shot in his foot,” Munir, an eyewitness accompanying him, says.
Adil too will require a surgery, doctors say.

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